meet cofounder jenni

meet our co-founder, jenni

meet cofounder jenni

This is a post dedicated to the 20-something-year-old woman who is out there in the world trying her best day in and day out, but finds herself short of perfection on most days.  

If you’re anything like me–Type A, full of ambition, young enough to still believe in something rather than nothing–you probably feel a little lost for the most part when it comes to understanding your place in this BIG, BIG world.  I’m here to say that you are not alone.  Part of  the genuine sincerity in which this blog was started is to showcase “our voice” as a generation of women out there in the world trying to make sense of WHAT IT IS and WHAT IT MEANS to be a “modern woman” in this day and age.

We are Millenials.  Firm believers in a society where we can accomplish just about anything we set our minds to.  And yet, even in our most fortunate circumstance, women still face the same timeless issues that have never really phased men the same way.  From the time we graduate college, we are programmed into a state of mind with an expiration date on it.  Time to find the perfect career.  But, not too perfect where you neglect to find the perfect man.  Don’t forget to make time to have babies.  And of course don’t forget to make time to raise those babies.  Oh, and we should also still be rising to the top of the corporate ladder simultaneously.


It’s an unrealistic expectation, but I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not ashamed to want it all.  And what I mean by that is I don’t see why we can’t aspire to have it all.  Whatever it may take.  I won’t deny the fact that we are innately born to be nurturing caretakers.  But, we are also born into a time where women are suppose to be equals in society. Yet, if you do decide you want to aspire to be “that woman” who goes after it all–you’re expected to be this power player in your career and a perfect housewives at home. And if you fall short in any way, you may as well be depicted as an awful monster who is either a career-hungry-man-eater or a dull-depressed-housewife.  I know my two outlooks may seem a bit extreme, but doesn’t it just feel that way?

I’m here to say that I don’t have the answers to any of these questions.  All I know in my 25 years of life experience is that, I get sad when I see women have to make a choice between these life decisions that we will all probably face one day.  And I want it to be clear that this platform that we have created remains and will be an honest, open door of conversations that we need to have as like-minded women.

– jenni

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